Pepa Molina Flamenco dance Sydney Student Fiesta

Pepa Molina Flamenco dance Sydney Student Fiesta held @ Bankstown Arts Centre
@ Pepa Molina Flamenco dance Sydney we believe that inspiration comes while you are hard at work. That is why we make the most of our time in class during the whole year, perfecting technique delevoping style and understanding of the Flamenco artform as a whole. We anlalize how the dance relates to the music in order to make our students understand how Flamenco is lived and taught in Spain only right here in Sydney, truly a cut above the rest as you can only find this sort of training in Spain…

Beginners danced “Tangos del Titi”, Intermediate “Bulerías de Jerez”, Advanced “Alegrías de Cadiz”, as well as a Garrotin solo by our marvelous advanced student “Amari” & everyone performed “Sevillanas” & “Tangos”.

Proud to see this hard work evolve during the year and culminate in this fabulous performance, seeing everyone shine!

Don’t forget we will be running Summer Workshops from the 16th to the 20th of January for Children, Beginners, Intermediate – Advanced levels.

In 2017, we will start back our regular classes on the 1st of February continuing our Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced classes as well as our new children’s classes & new Advanced performance group class.

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