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“Bush Bailando” 2016


Bush Bailando is a new Flamenco dance work conceived and performed by Pepa Molina.

The work is an exploration of bilateral heritage and identity, with inspiration being derived from Australian nature, in particular the natural surroundings of Western Sydney, where Pepa Molina is based.

This is a collaboration with renowned Spanish electroacoustic soundscape designer & composer of international note, Hector Gonzalez who draws his inspiration from the sounds of the Australian bush and its fauna creating a multilayered sound that reflects the search for Australian identity in present time.

In contrast, the powerful and hypnotic flamenco guitar of Australian guitarist & composer Marco Van Doornam plays his original creations live alongside the versatile instrumentalist Stuart Vandegraaf. Visceral flamenco deep song is drawn from timeless recordings of the past, resembling the reminiscent echo of Andalusian Spanish heritage embodying a sense of displacement.
The work interlaces four genres from the flamenco song family tree. Linked to these genres are the four elements; water, wind, earth, and fire. The genres encapsulate the quintessence of each element portrayed under new perceptive forms of movement through Pepa’s reappropriation of traditional Flamenco concepts, rethinking Flamenco’s place within the world of dance.

Bush Bailando is supported by 

Bush Bailando Logos
Bush Bailando Logos


Production, Direction, Choreography, Performer Pepa Molina. 

Premiere Producer Anne – Louise Rentell
Electroacústic compositions & sound design Hector González Sánchez
Flamenco Guitar Marc Van Doorman
Sax, clarinete Stuart Vandegraaf
Singers (Recordings) Eva Duran, y Juan Debel
Palmas (Grabación Fuego) Jesús Fernández
Songs -Composition Adaptation Letras Pepa Molina
Costume Design (Diseñadora para BNE) Yaiza Pinillos
Costume confection Gabriel Besa
Lighting Design Roderick Van Gelder
Props Manuel Barco
Flamenco Shoes Senovilla, Gallardo

Bush Bailando is supported by 

Bush Bailando Logos
Bush Bailando Logos



Bush Bailando Tom Holland Hero Image
Bush Bailando Photographer: Tom Holland (Hero Image)

Photography Heidrun Lohr




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2018 TOUR

20th of October 2018 – Griffith Regional Theatre  

Previous Performances: 

2017: Feb 12th & June 3rd – Casula Powerhouse Theatre Sydney

2016: 5th to 7th of May – Dance Bites Festival. Riverside Theatre Parramatta, Sydney