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Compañia Pepa Molina is a not for profit Arts organization & registerd ACNC charity that produces & creates performances, educational programs & events involving Flamenco music & dance as well as Spanish culture. We provide unique professional and skills development opportunities for artists (particularly Flamenco dance artists) through a range of program activities.
Your contribution/ Donation will directly support our creative and training programs while providing valuable career opportunities for emerging and experienced artists. 

Any donation is welcome no matter how small. 
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AIMS/ About Compañía Pepa Molina

Our organization Compañía Pepa Molina, is a Flamenco Dance Company that creates performances, programs & events involving Flamenco music & dance as well as Spanish culture.

CPM Objectives:

To present high-caliber flamenco performances that engage and inspire 

– To preserve flamenco, a UNESCO World Heritage Artform, through extensive training, advocacy, and education

– To expand the flamenco ecosystem in Australia through mentorship, artistic innovation, audience development, and intercultural engagement

– To facilitate opportunities for people from all walks of life to experience Spanish culture, to expand cultural awareness, foster social connectedness and enhance wellbeing

CPM Vision:

To unite ALL communities through moving cultural experiences.


Create inclusive, accessible multi platform & multicultural experiences that celebrate, elevate and promote Spanish Art, Culture and Flamenco.